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Hike to Eva & Miller Lake Revelstoke National Park, Canada

Updated: Apr 29

The hike to Eva & Miller Lake in Mount Revelstoke National Park is the perfect start for hikes in the Rocky Mountains.

Shelter hike to Eva Lake Revelstoke National Park, Canada

Revelstoke is a bit off the beaten track and that has its advantages. When all the other national parks in the Rocky Mountains are overcrowded in summer, you can still find a bit of peace and quiet here. Above all, the town of Revelstoke is ideally located on the way between the coast and the mountains. The hike to Eva and Miller Lake in Mount Revelstoke National Park Canada gives you a good taste of the wonders that await you in Canada: high mountains, crystal-clear lakes, marmots and simply unbeatable nature.

Tip: On the way back, it is worth taking a short detour to the summit of Mount Revelstoke (1,935 m), after which the national park is named.

Key Facts about the hike to Eva & Miller Lake Revelstoke National Park, Canada

Wibke Helfrich Selfie at Eva Lake Revelstoke National Park, Canada

-Factor: ♡♡♡♡

Walking time : 6 hours

Altitude : 600 m up and down

Length : 16.6 km

Accessible by public transport? No

GPS data: I have uploaded the GPS data for the hike to the Outdoor Active website

Starting point: Illecillewaet Campground

Safety note: Canada is a bear country. In my blog post " Safe hiking and camping in bear country Canada " you will find tips on how to avoid the bear and how to behave if you do encounter him.

Further information and links: On the Parcs Canada website you will find all the information you need about Mount Revelstoke National Park.

Equipment: I recommend hiking boots for this hike, as the descent is via a gravel gully. Hiking poles can also be helpful here. Rain gear, warm clothing and bear spray are a must in Canada.


The national parks in Canada charge admission. Each day costs $10.50. If you want to stay longer or visit several national parks, the Parcs Canada Discovery Pass is worth it for $72.25, which is valid for one year in all Parcs Canada facilities.

Description: The well-marked path leads over alpine meadows, through a rocky valley and winds through subalpine forest to Lake Miller (short detour) and after one kilometer to Lake Eva. Here you walk along the left bank and come to a rustic refuge from the 1920s. From here you have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.

Directions: The parking lot near the summit is accessed via the " Meadows in the Sky Parkway" , which winds 26 kilometers uphill from an altitude of 470 meters on the Trans Canada Highway to 1835 meters at the Summit parking lot.

Small (national) park, big (natural) cinema

In the relatively small Mount Revelstoke National Park, which covers 260 km2, you can hike through a temperate inland rainforest that is rare in the world . A herd of endangered caribou lives here and the park provides a habitat for pumas, grizzly bears (don't forget bear spray) , lynx, black bears, red foxes, moose, martens, coyotes, various species of bats, timber wolves, various species of shrew, voles, wolverines and mountain goats.

There are a variety of wildflowers (dreamy in spring) including Arctic lupin, glacier lily, pink mountain heather, willowherb and spotted saxifrage. At the lakes you can find wetland plants such as marsh marigold, duckweed and horsetail.


All information on the Parks Canada website is available in English and French.


There are several scheduled flights from Germany to Vancouver or Calgary every day. An electronic travel document (eTa) is required to enter Canada.

The easiest way to continue your journey is by rental car, e.g. via


The best time to hike in the Rocky Mountains is from early July to September. Depending on the altitude, however, you can expect snow even in summer.


Canadian Rocky Mountains by Rother Verlag, edition 2023


The Snowforest Campground is the most luxurious campsite I have seen from Parks Canada. There are hot showers! Due to increased bear activity, you cannot camp here, only sleep in your car or camper. The site is located at the beginning of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway in Mount Revelstoke National Park and is only 5 km from Revelstoke town centre.


If you would like a detailed hiking map in addition to the Parks Canada maps, you can order a waterproof and tear-resistant hiking map for the region from Gem Trek or buy one locally.

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