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Prisojnik Okno via ferrata: adventures in Slovenia

Updated: Jan 24

Are you looking for adventure? Then the challenging Prisojnik Okno via ferrata in Slovenia is just right for you! The highlight is crossing one of the largest rock windows in the Alps, which leads from the wild, cold and rough north side of Prisojnik to the sunny south side.

Prisojnik Okno via ferrata Slovenia rock window

-Factor: ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Requirements: Via ferrata (B/C), difficult

Walking time: 4h

Altitude: 640 m up and down

Length: 5.8 km

How to get there: From the Soča valley to A bus runs several times a day from Vršičpass

Refreshments There is only the hut at the Vršič Pass right at the starting point

Map: I have the tour on Kommot saved. You can see them as soon as you log in.

BEST TIME Mid/end of June to mid-September – there should be no more snow in the gravel fields.

Starting point Hikers' parking lot at the Vršič Pass

Note: If you are not tired yet, you can continue climbing to the Prisojnik peak (2547m) in an hour. Total time with summit 6:30 hours

I have saved the tour on Komoot . You can see them as soon as you log in.


From the parking lot of the Vršičpass climb to Tičarjev dom na Vršiču, from there along a path (partly marked) to the green hill under the Prisank north face.

Just after the hill there is a mark on the rocks. To the left (NE) goes to the window path (Okno) and from the right comes the descent path. Access to the window path leads along the marked path always downwards to the start of the via ferrata. The via ferrata passages are well secured. However, several unsecured gravel belts must be crossed where there is a risk of falling rocks - wear a helmet!

The tour leads through the north wall and is in the shade. The actual “key point” is a steep, covered band that you master by crawling. The highlight of the tour is the exit from the rock window at approx. 2230 m. The via ferrata ends here. Return via a steeper Edelweiss meadow down to the starting point.

The Triglav National Park offers so many hikes that look so exciting in the hiking guide that we find it difficult to decide.

A via ferrata set and helmet are a good idea even for semi-ambitious mountaineers, as many of the hikes have secured areas.

Our highlight in Slovenia was the Prisojnik Okno via ferrata.

From the Vršič Pass you climb up to the start of the via ferrata on the north face of the dominant mountain. Up in the mountains, the loveliness of the river is quickly forgotten - here the gigantic panorama is rather wild and rough, which is emphasized by the lack of sunlight on the north wall.

The via ferrata rated B/C makes us, as experienced climbers, less worried about the difficulty of the climbing areas than the large gravel fields and the dark clouds that hang over the mountains pile up. Actually, no thunderstorms are forecast, but to be on the safe side we don't dawdle on the climb.

The higher we go, the more we feel like the mountain has “swallowed” us.

All around us there are only hundreds of meter-high, steep walls that seem to block out any light.

Click on the first picture to start the photo series:

The key spot is supposedly the crawl space, but I can fit through even with a backpack. Much to the disappointment of my sister, who was waiting at the exit with the camera. After about 1:30 hours we finally see the hole in the rock and the auspicious light shining through the hole from the south. However, I first see a wide gravel channel that we have to conquer first. Small stones keep rumbling down next to us threateningly and I press myself close to the wall because I feel more protected there.

The large rock hole is clearly the most unpleasant place for me, because now below the “eye” the rock surrounds us and rock falls threaten from all sides.

We make three crosses when we reach the last secured spot, which takes us out the window to the south side like a ladder to heaven. Here the rock is overhanging, we feel safer again and can enjoy the panorama. The view through the rock hole down into the valley is gigantic. And when we got out (finally in the sun) we quickly forgot our worries about thunderstorms and falling rocks. If you want, you can continue to the summit from here. The via ferrata already offered enough adrenaline for us, so we descended across a sunny meadow full of edelweiss. The difference between the north and south faces of Prisojnik is incredible – we feel like we are in another world. Wild versus lovely, but both in breathtaking nature.


The website of the Slovenian Tourism Association gives a good overview:

The website of the Slovenian Alpine Club is a bit confusing and only available in English, but this is the best place to check which huts are open and whether hiking trails/via ferratas are currently closed.


The best way to get there by car is via the (toll) Tauernautobahn A10. The Wurzenpass leads directly into the Soča valley - be sure to check before departure whether the pass (due to the current Corona regulations) is open to all nationalities.


For hikes in the mountains June-September.



The weather in general and in the mountains in particular can change quickly. You should find out about the weather conditions, especially before you go on an exposed mountain tour:


There are good maps from the Sidarta publishing house for the Julian and Steiner Alps: on a scale of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 Triglav, Bohinj.


Hiking boots, windproof and weatherproof jacket and trousers, a change of clothes, cap, scarf and gloves, enough provisions and drinks for the entire hike, headlamp, hiking map, compass, first aid kit, a charged cell phone. For the via ferrata: via ferrata set and helmet.

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