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The 4 most beautiful hikes in the Northern Black Forest in Germany

Updated: Jun 11

Since 2024, the Northern Black Forest has been certified as a “Quality Region for Hiking in Germany”. But what does that mean? I tested four hikes.

How did I liked it? Below you can find out.

Cuckoo clock, Black Forest gateau, Bollenhut, my head is spinning with Black Forest clichés.

Especially since Karl Schwemmle took us to his well-stocked wine cellar in the Hotel-Restaurant Lamm in Rotensol for a wine tasting.

We had already tried a few local wines when he suggested, with his charming Baden accent, that we should now try the rum and the various whiskeys. "Would you like Black Forest ham too?" he asks.

The Black Forest is located in the south-west of Germany and is perfect for a moderate hike.

The woods are dense and green, the capercaillie and Toni the lynx say goodnight to each other here, there are protected forests (forests that are no longer managed) and finally my name is on everyone's lips. The storm Wi(e)bke left a trail of devastation here 30 years ago. Despite the proximity, I don't actually know the dark pine forest at all.

Getting to the Black Forest by public transport for hiking is no problem

I first take the train to Karlsruhe and then continue by S-Bahn to Bad Wildbad, a good starting point for hikes in the Northern Black Forest.

The region has been certified as a "Quality Region for Hiking in Germany" since 2024. But what exactly does this certification mean? I want to know from Vanessa Lotz-Kijak, who is responsible for the outdoor sector in the Northern Black Forest. "It's actually something like hiking in the premier league," she says. "The paths must be well signposted and easily accessible by public transport. The hiking trails should be narrow rather than asphalted and lead through varied terrain. There are also hotels that are specially geared towards hikers - that means they have hiking equipment to borrow, drying rooms and offer packed lunches, for example. And in the tourist information offices you have advisors who know a lot about hiking and can give you great tips."

Here are four tips for hiking in the Northern Black Forest/Germany that I have personally tested:

Outdooractive hiking map Northern Black Forest Kaltenbronn Enzklösterle

Varied hike from Kaltenbronn on the Auerhahnsteig through the Hohlohmoor to the blueberry village of Enzklösterle.

The Kaltenbronn information center, where the tour begins, gives a good overview of the flora and fauna of the Northern Black Forest. There is also an information board with films about the lynx that have been released into the wild. It is definitely worth a visit.

The Auerhahnsteig, which has several stations and is also interesting for children, takes you up the mountain through blueberry bushes. The path over wooden planks through the Hohlohmoor to the observation tower of the same name is completely different. The moor is impressive in any weather! Narrow paths lead past the Prinzenhütte and the Toten Mann down the mountain. With a bit of luck you will see fire salamanders on the Rohnbach stream along the way.

My advice:

I recommend that you first take the bus from Enzklösterle to the start of the tour. This way you can hike back in a relaxed manner.

Outdooractive hiking map Northern Black Forest Baiersbronner Himmelweg Bannwald Tour National Park

Baiersbronner Himmelsweg: Bannwald-Rund-Tour Black Forest National Park

In the middle of the national park lies Germany's oldest protected forest, the "Bannwald Wilder See". Here - at the climax of the tour - time has left its mark and shows impressively how a "primeval forest of tomorrow" is created again without human influence. The route continues across the raised moorland to Wildseeblick and Eutinggrab with magnificent views along the Westweg into the Rhine plain and the Vosges. Three refreshment stops along the way ensure that no hiker runs out of breath.

The path around the Wildsee is a steep, overgrown path with trees lying across it. Sure-footedness is a must here.

My advice:

From the car park at the Seibelseckle hut, it is worth taking a short detour to the Mummelsee

outdooractive hiking map Northern Black Forest Tal der Lehmänner

Circular hike "Tal der Lehmänner" Dobel/Northern Black Forest

Dream tour along the wild and romantic Eyach stream - This varied circular hiking trail has been certified as a dream tour since 2022 and is also a quality trail from “Wanderbares Deutschland”.

And for good reason: wonderful views, picturesque forests, narrow paths and enchanted streams characterize this varied tour. The Eyachmühle also offers the perfect place to stop for a break.

My advice:

The Eyachmühle restaurant , picturesquely situated on the river, is the perfect place for a stop.

Outdooractive hiking map Northern Black Forest Gompelscheuer Kaltenbachschleife see

Kaltenbachschleife - insider tip in Gompelscheuer

The Kaltenbach loop in Gompelscheuer is a newly created hiking trail and - still - an absolute insider tip. However, the path is already well signposted with temporary white signs. From the source of the Enz in Gompelscheuer, a narrow path leads up the mountain into a lonely valley to the Kaltenbachsee, which lies in a small hollow surrounded by trees. It is a wonderful place to have a picnic. The way back along the stream is also wild and romantic. A real insider tip!

My advice:

If the 5 km long Kaltenbach loop is too short for you, you can extend it by a further 6 or 7 km with the Poppelsee loop or the Enz loop


The website offers all information on accommodation, restaurants, hiking trails and other activities.

The Kaltenbronn Information Center is a natural history museum, event venue and information portal for everything to do with nature. Various tours and experiences can be booked here. For example, "News from lynx and wolves" on June 21st at 6 p.m. or "On the trail of the capercaillie" on July 20th at 11 a.m.

getting there

As an officially recognized “Sustainable Tourism Destination,” the Northern Black Forest is easily accessible by public transport.


The 4-star Enztalhotel wellness hotel in Enzklösterle offers several saunas, steam baths and a swimming pool. The food is also recommended - the Swabian parlor is particularly cozy. Double rooms with breakfast from 144 euros,

 Restaurant Eyachmühle Windbeutel Black Forest Refreshment

The Hotel, Restaurant and Wine Shop Lamm in Bad-Herrenalb-Rotensol has a deep wine cellar (a wine tasting is an experience) and in the owner Karl Schwemmle an excellent host and chef. Special emphasis is placed on the use of regional products. Double rooms with breakfast from 130 euros,


The Eyachmühle restaurant , picturesquely situated on the river, is a great mix of delicious food, a rustic atmosphere, new ideas and fresh flowers. Whether coffee and cake, lunch or dinner, the Slow Food award-winning cuisine is always a delight.

The Zavelstein hiking lodge has the most beautiful beer garden in the middle of the nature reserve, surrounded by meadows and forests .

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