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Hello, nice that you discovered my site and want to join me on my travels.

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About me & my travel blog

As you might recognise from the name of my website, my name is Wibke.

Ever since I read the picture book "Kasimir's travels" as a child, I have dreamed of exploring the world. 

While my friends used to buy new clothes with their pocket money, I hoarded the money to go travelling. Travelling was probably something I was born with, because my mother was always keen on travelling, too, and so I was born in Namibia.  

I actually come from the film industry, but over the years people have always asked me about my holiday photos and motivated me to publish them. Several times I made it onto the shortlist for the "Travel photographer of the year" and once even onto the podium ... and so one thing led to another.

For  about 15 years I have now been writing articles for newspapers and magazines. After several articles in the regional Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, I was also able to inspire the magazines ALPIN, GEOSAISON, Abenteuer & Reisen, Klettern, Outdoor, and the women's magazines Für Sie and Emotion for my reports and photos.

My motto is "Life is beautiful".

With the current news situation, I sometimes forget that the world is beautiful and that most people are simply wonderful. That's why I love to travel, explore nature on foot and talk to people.

My site is still under construction and I still have a lot of stories to post. So I'm looking forward to you coming back ...


Hopefully you will find my blog posts useful to plan your next adventures. If you have any suggestions or criticism, just drop me an email.


Have fun reading

Yours, Wibke

My favorite castle:
Bambugh Castle in Northumbira, England

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