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John Deere on unusual terrain ...

For the introduction of the new 6M we invaded Frankfurt am Main for a few days. Because the pretty tractor is actually much too handsome for the field ...


Ethiopia's highlights

The African country enchanted me with its versatility ... Here are some highlights as a film.

Brazil nut trailer

Can a little nut save the rainforest?

Awarded the Travel Photographer of the year award in 2015

Making of the jazz CD "dedication" …

…featuring my sister Anke in New York, who received the Echo award in 2016.

Save the rainforest trailer

Approximately 356 million square meters of forest are cut down or simply burned down every day. How can we stop illegal logging?

Brazil nut documentation

Brazil nut is the most important industry in Bolivia's rainforest.

Burma Trailer

for responsible tourism.

Football for Peace

Jewish, Muslim and Christian children play soccer together.


Award-winning commercial for John Deere -

The choice is yours.

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