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Top 5 Must-Try for Foodies Visiting the Channel Island of Jersey

Discover the foodie highlights of Jersey! From Jersey Royals to the famous Jersey Black Butter, 5 things you must eat on the island of Jersey.

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Jersey is much closer to France than to England... maybe that's why the island is so popular with gourmets...

The fact is that the islanders are very proud of their local products and care for them accordingly.

On a foodie tour on the Channel Island of Jersey, it's worth immersing yourself in regional products.

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1. Foodie Tip for the Channel Island of Jersey Royals

They are only grown here and are only exported to Great Britain, where they are just as eagerly awaited in spring as our first local asparagus. They are new potatoes with a very thin skin and, thanks to seaweed fertilization, they taste much more intense than other varieties. Cook in salted water with mint and serve only with butter, the locals recommend.

Foodie Tour Jersey Channel Islands England

2. Dairy products from the famous Jersey Cow

I love cows! The famous Jersey Cows are almost as pretty as the Swiss cows and are known for their rich, creamy milk from which Jersey cream and regional dairy products such as cheese and ice cream are produced.

3. Oysters

The largest oyster beds in the British Isles are off Jersey and you can walk to them at low tide.

Apparently only show-offs slurp oysters, connoisseurs chew them. Since I'm a vegetarian, I don't have an opinion on this. Wading past the oyster beds was still fun :;)!

4. Lemon and lavender cake

Ok... lavender wouldn't be my first thought as a cake ingredient, but anyone who visits England's largest lavender fields in Jersey will definitely feel inspired to do so. You can find the delicious recipe for a lemon/lavender cake here .

 Jersey Channel Islands England St Helier Market
5. Jersey Black Butter

I think the black spread tastes a bit like plum jam and is made from apples and syrup. Liquorice, cider, brown sugar and spices. Delicious with cream crackers and cheese.

You can actually buy it in every store.

Gourmet tour:

There are several foodie tours on Jeresy, for example at Jersey Uncovered and on the website of the Channel Island of Jersey

Learn the history of food and drink in Jersey on a leisurely guided walk through St Helier.

From bean crock, conger soup, Jersey Royal potatoes and the Jersey cow to the growth of restaurants in the post-tourism boom and today's foodie scene. There will be architecture and social history, visits to Victorian markets and restaurants. With tastings of real Jersey oysters, black butter, cheese and much more.Info:

Here you can find more travel tips for England


The Jersey homepage has a lot of useful information about accommodation, sights and current events.


Getting there:

In order to sleep in your own caravan/bus, you must apply for a permit beforehand. Unfortunately, you have to decide beforehand on a campsite where you want to stay overnight. This person then takes care of the permit. You can also apply for the permit yourself on this page .


There are four campsites in Jersey. We chose Rozel Camping decided in the north/west corners because it is close to the sea. The campsite is quite large, but people actually get lost in the large area without any problems. In addition to clean sanitary facilities, there is also a swimming pool, although we didn't use it...

Rozel Camping Park, La Grande Route de Rozel, St Martin, JE3 6AX, Tel: +44 (0)1534 855200

Lavender Farm Jersey Channel Islands England


There is delicious food at The Rozel in the bay. The typically English, cozy pub offers everything your heart desires: beer, wine and hearty food.

La Vallee de Rozel, St Martin, JE3 6AJ, Tel: +44(0)1534 863438


At Jersey Lavender you can admire the largest lavender fields in England . Of course these are not as big as those in southern France. But somehow it's cool to walk through lavender fields in England...

Jersey Lavender Ltd, Rue du Pont Marquet, St Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8DS, Tel: +44 (0)1534 742933

At the Classic Farm Shop you can buy local products and look around the farm. The calves and cute piglets will be a highlight, especially for children!

Manor Farm, La Route du Manoir, St Peter, Jersey, JE3 7DD, Tel: +44-(0)1534 485692

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