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Gozo: Hike to Fungus Rock

Time seems to stand still on Gozo. Residents are much more relaxed and traffic is also less stressful.

The impressive citadel of the capital Victoria sits enthroned in the center of the island.

Again, there are many hikes that connect secluded beaches and historical sights. Great views always included.

Our favorite hike in Gozo was the broken rock window at Dwejra Point. Here you will find all information including GPS data.
Gozo Fungus Rock Hike Dwejra Point

factor: ♡♡♡♡

Starting and ending point: Parking at Dwejra Point

Duration: 4:15

Distance: 16.7km

Elevation difference: 330 m up and 370 m down

Refreshments: In San Lawrenz there are a few cafés on the small square in front of the church.

Difficulty: red

GPS data on Komoot - You have to log in to see them:

Off to Gozo!

The ferry is an uncomplicated and regular 25-minute journey from one island to the other.

Time seems to stand still on Gozo. The residents park their cars in the middle of the street to have a chat and also kindly take their time with the visitors. In search of the best view of Victoria's Citadel, an elderly gentleman helpfully climbs into his vintage Fiat and motions for us to follow him. At Xaghra Cemetery he signals us to park and rolls down the window.

Does that fit?" he asks us. Fits perfectly.

From the hill we have a breathtaking view of the setting sun and the defiant citadel of modern day Victoria (formerly Ir Rabat).

Speaking of Victoria - England's almost 150-year reign can still be seen everywhere. Be it the typical red telephone booths or the fact that everyone speaks perfect English. Queen Victoria is omnipresent. We discover her bust or even a life-size statue (she wasn't that big after all) on some squares. But the great empire has collapsed, a king rules and Malta has been independent since 1924.

Hike to the broken rock window at Dwejra Point and Fungus Rock

A sign of constant change is the broken rock window at Dwejra Point, probably the most visited natural wonder of the Maltese archipelago. The main attraction was the Azure Window, a 20 meter high rock arch in the sea formed by the elements. A popular photo opportunity that has become a symbol of the island - but on March 8, 2017, this work of nature shattered during a violent storm.

The two sights of today's hike around Dwejra Bay, the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock , on the other hand were only created by the collapse of large karst caves and are therefore also evidence of transience.

The beach has a cave right by the sea that you can wade to at low tide. From there you have a clear view of the sea and the setting sun. Next solid land: the coast of Tunisia. While I while away my time here philosophizing about the strategic location of the islands, my sister Frauke uses hers more sensibly:

Wild fennel grows everywhere along the hiking trail, the flowers of which she collects and roasts as a vegetable with local olive oil in the evening. Green cuisine reinterpreted. What botanical knowledge is useful for ...

Street Gozo stone houses old shop

General information is available at

35 hikes are described in the Rother hiking guide "Malta-Gozo".

Best travel time:

Spring begins as early as mid-February and is prime time for hiking - temperatures are rising and wildflowers are transforming the islands into a sea of blossoms.

Getting around:

There are direct flights from Frankfurt to Malta, for example, with Lufthansa. Ryanair will fly from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden from the end of March.

Alternatively, you can also travel by ferry. Twice a day between Marsa (near Valletta) and the town of Pozzallo in southern Sicily.

The public express bus lines X1, X2, X3 and X4 connect the airport to the main destinations on the island. .

In addition to the range of taxis and rental cars, Malta Transfers offers collective and individual transfers to many hotels.

In Malta, traffic drives on the left.

Rental car price comparison, e.g. at: www.

Malta and Gozo are linked by a car and passenger ferry. It runs approximately every 45 minutes and no reservation is required.


The hosts of Talbot & Bons have converted a 400-year-old farm in Malta into a small, charming B&B with twelve individual rooms. Double rooms from €80.

In the heart of Gozo at the foot of the Victoria Citadel lies the Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse. The twin sisters Anna and Sonia run the house with great attention to detail and serve excellent breakfasts. To book via Tel: +356 2155 9067 or, double rooms from €100.

Accommodation inside Gozo cozy Airbnb

On Gozo we had, via Airbnb booked an apartment in the middle of the old town. You can reach it only on foot and not park in front of the house. But it is wonderfully quiet and lovingly renovated. There are several apartments here:


Colorful chairs, rickety tables, quirky memorabilia - which isn't glamorous at allsounds, served as a film location for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for "By the Sea" - and today as a very good fish restaurant for guests.Café Mgarr ix-Xini, Gozo in the bay of the same name in front of Xewkija. Tel: +356 7955 3691

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