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Hike around Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Canada

Updated: 4 days ago

Canadian picture-book scenery: Hike around Emerald Lake - Yoho's Blue Wonder

Emerald Lake fulfills all the clichés: intensely turquoise and surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains. Huge red cedars, yews, hemlocks and white pines line the shores. Wildflowers bloom in abundance on the alluvial fan on the northeast shore in late June and early July. It's no wonder that the lake is the main attraction of Yoho National Park. But don't worry: if you come early or late - away from the tourist crowds - and especially walk part of the way from the parking lot, you can enjoy this hike around Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Canada in peace.

Canadian picture book scenery: Hike around Emerald Lake – Yoho’s Blue Wonder

Key facts about the hike around Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, Canada

-Factor: ♡♡♡♡♡

Walking time : 1:30 h

Altitude : 38 m up and down

Length : 5.2 km

Accessible by public transport? No

Getting there: Emerald Lake near Field is an sign posted exit on Trans-Canada Highway 1.

GPS data: I have uploaded the GPS data for the hike to the Outdoor Active website

Starting point: Emerald Lake parking lot

Safety note: Canada is a bear country. In my blog post " Safe hiking and camping in bear country Canada " you will find tips on how to avoid the bear and how to behave if you do encounter him.

Equipment: For this easy hike, I recommend trail running shoes or light hiking shoes. Rain gear, warm clothing and bear spray are a must in Canada.

Further information and links: On the Parcs Canada website you will find all the information you need for Yoho National Park,


The national parks in Canada charge admission. Each day costs $10.50. If you want to stay longer or visit several national parks, the Parcs Canada Discovery Pass is worth it for $72.25, which is valid for one year in all Parcs Canada facilities.

Click on the first picture to start the photo gallery.

"Yoho" is a Cree expression for awe and wonder.

Feelings that every visitor can certainly relate to as soon as they hike through the smallest of the four national parks, which was founded in 1886 as Canada's second national park. There are 350km of hiking trails of all levels of difficulty, almost all of which offer views of the park's lake-studded and glaciated landscape. The 5km circular trail around the shimmering emerald green Emerald Lake is more of a walk, but due to its relatively low location at 1301m, it is still easily doable later in the year.

My tip: Come either early in the morning or late in the evening.

In summer, the crowds gather here, and it's worth getting up early to enjoy the peace and quiet by the lake at sunrise. The relatively low altitude and the basin formed by the surrounding mountains of the President Range create a humid microclimate that fosters lush flora that is otherwise only found further west. Red cedar, hemlock and yew grow here. If the 5 km is too short for you, there are many options for extending your walk, such as to Yoho Pass, to stretch your legs a little further.

Insider tip: Takakkaw Fall Campground - for me, the most beautiful campsite in the world!


All information on the Parks Canada website is available in English and French.

In my blog post: Plan your adventure in Canada: Tips on reservations, camping and packing list you will find all the information on how to best reserve campsites and what you should definitely take with you.


There are several scheduled flights from Germany to Vancouver or Calgary every day. An electronic travel document (eTa) is required to enter Canada.

The easiest way to continue your journey is by rental car, e.g. via


The best time to hike in the Rocky Mountains is from early July to September. Depending on the altitude, however, you can expect snow even in summer.


Canadian Rocky Mountains by Rother Verlag, edition 2023

Takakkaw Fall Campground yoho national park canada


In Yoho National Park there is the Takakkaw Fall Campground with a truly spectacular view directly from your tent of the over 270 meter high Takakkaw waterfall, which glows in all the colors of the rainbow in the evening sun. There are actually enough campsites, but since this year you can also book in advance.

The Emerald Lake Lodge is the only accommodation on the lake.


If you would like a detailed hiking map in addition to the Parks Canada maps, you can order a waterproof and tear-resistant hiking map for the region from Gem Trek or buy one locally.

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