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Road trip through Slovenia: A stroke of luck

Follow me on an unforgettable adventure with a road trip through Slovenia. From breathtaking landscapes to camping tips, this blog has it all!

“On for si net.” I look at the Austrian border official with wide eyes: “Mhm… and what does that mean?”. "Well, you're not allowed to drive over here because that's currently only allowed for Slovenes and Austrians."

Van life in front of a starry sky

Just then, the fan in the engine compartment of my bus starts to cool the "slightly" heated engine.

The approach to the Wurzenpass was steep and winding. Not necessarily the favorite area of my 25-year-old VW van, which should definitely get through this vacation unscathed, as it is also our only accommodation - so to speak

“My van is my castle”

The nice gentleman in uniform looks with pity at the dramatic appearance of our car and waves us through.

Road trip through Slovenia stroke of luck No1 - nice border officials

The first stroke of luck from many who make our road trip to Slovenia an unforgettable experience, because the alternative would be a huge detour via the Karawanken Tunnel.< strong> Our destination is the secluded Soča Valley,the Wurzen Pass is the most direct access. However, this is often blocked (it is best to check the current situation before departure). However, my sister Frauke and I were so busy planning our tour that we apparently overlooked the signs on the side of the road.

Hiking in Soča Valley in Slovenia turquoise river mountains

Overjoyed, we drive over the border and into the great unknown:

Slovenia is still a blank spot on my map.

The rumbling thunder of an approaching storm reminds us that we should urgently find a place to park for the night. In Slovenia and especially in the national park (we are in the Triglav National Park) wild camping is strictly forbidden. So we drive in the pouring rain over the Vršič Pass down towards the Soča Valley, where there are supposed to be some campsites.

Road trip through Slovenia stroke of luck No2 - nice campsite owners

And here comes stroke of luck number 2. Because here too the friendly operator says that they are actually fully booked, but in this weather you don't chase a dog out the door (or in our case no bus on the street). And so he finds a place for us right next to the rushing stream.

The next day the thunderstorm drama has dissipated and we marvel at the high mountains, the crystal-clear, turquoise stream and the dense green forests. How different the world looks when the sun is shining.

Our friendly campsite owner recommends a hike in the valley. “There may be a thunderstorm again this afternoon, so you shouldn’t be in the mountains!” After the natural spectacle of the previous evening, you don't need much persuasion, and is tempting with the “Soška pot” - the hiking trail along the river Soča - a highlight that is high on our list. We could walk the 27km in one day, but we decide to spread it over two days so that we still have time to swim in the afternoon .

The Mala Korita is an approximately 100m long bottleneck - here the gorge, which is up to 6m deep, is sometimes only one meter wide.

Our campsite is ideally located directly on the hiking trail and is also located on There is a bus stop on the road from which you can go up to the Vršič Pass and to the end of the Soča Valley. The transport connections are ideal for walking the route in stages.

Can you fall in love with a river?

After our trip to Slovenia I can say with certainty: You can!

Never before have I seen such crystal clear, turquoise blue water, that thinks of something new at every bend to impress us. Sometimes it squeezes itself between bizarre rocks like the Mala Korita and picturesque columns, sometimes the river flows Sočathrough wider valley sections and offers a view of the surrounding mountains. In the upper part the mountain slopes are still steep and the valley is dark and wooded; but the longer we hike, the more the valley widens. Again and again we cross the river over adventurous suspension bridges and can We can hardly get enough of the impressive mountain scenery that awaits us:

blue sky, gray mountains, deep green forest, colorful wildflowers and of course the turquoise blue river.

Jump into the lukewarm Lake Bled, Slovenia

The only disadvantage: the Soča is ice cold and therefore doesn't really invite you to splash around for a long time, but that too there is a solution –

Road trip through Slovenia Lucky stroke of luck No 3: The picturesque, lukewarm (24 degrees) Lake Bled.

Sometimes I see a photo and think “that looks beautiful, I have to go there.” I felt the same way about a picture of Bled: With its bluish-green lake, the picture-postcard church on a small island, a defiant medieval castle clinging imposingly to a rocky cliff, and some of the... highest peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karawanks as a picturesque backdrop.

And the scenery is also impressive in nature, which of course attracts many tourists from all over the world. A 10km long hike leads around the picturesque lake up to the Mala Osojnica viewpoint, from where you have a wonderful all-round and deep view over the lake, the castle and the Hochstuhl, (with a height of 2237 m the highest mountain in the Karawanken< /a>) has.

But Slovenia has much more to offer than high mountains, clear rivers and warm lakes:

The capital Ljubljana is also definitely worth a visit.

Road trip through Slovenia stroke of luck 4: the capital Ljubljana

Especially if, like me, you are a big dragon fan , because two dark-looking creatures guard the bridge of the same name that leads over the Ljubljanica River into the city. Much to the amusement of my sister, who has called me “little dragon” ever since I was little, I happily pose with the impressive bronze figures. Legend has it that Ljubljana was founded by the Greek hero Jason, who stole the Golden Fleece from King Aites and then another one along the way Killed dragons. Since then, this mythical animal has become an integral part of the city's history. So that dragons, pedestrians and cyclists can move freely, a large part of the old town is closed to car traffic. In summer you can sit comfortably in numerous, tasteful, flower-decorated cafes by the river and admire the many architectural buildings, such as the famous Triple Bridge, the wonderful Prešernov Trg square, or the Ljubljana Castle, which crowns a 375m high hill east of the old town. And here we come to the final stroke of luck: We didn't see any live dragons - just incredibly delicious chocolate dragon eggs, which we all happily ate!


The Website of the Slovenian Tourism Association gives a good overview:

In the Rother hiking guide “Slovenia between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Coast” you can choose from easy and difficult hikes that are well described - depending on your requirements.


The best way to get there by car is via the (toll) Tauernautobahn A10. The Wurzenpass leads directly into Soča Valley – be sure to check here before departure whether the pass is open.

OVERNIGHT: Campgrounds

Wild camping is prohibited in Slovenia and especially in the Triglav National Park. During the summer holidays it is advisable to reserve as there are not many pitches. Here is a selection of campsites:

Camping Trenta Slovenia Soča River

1. Camping Trenta

Location: Camping Trenta is located directly on the Soča, embedded in a wonderful mountain panorama. There are some pitches that are right on the water. For us it was a great starting point for hikes around the Sočatal. Camping Trenta is the first campsite when you come down the mountain from the Vršič Pass.

Open: April 20th. until October 31st

2. Camp Korita

Open: 01.04. until 31.10.

3. Camping Bled

Location:The only campsite directly on the famous lake. span>

With this unique location, it is of course not an insider tip, but still recommended.

There is a restaurant, glamping (cute wooden huts), a beach and a jetty directly into the lake.

Open: April 1st to October 15th

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