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Denmark: The 3 most unusual places to stay on Funen/Fyn

Updated: Jun 28

What is luxury? Do you need a five-star hotel to be happy? Does luxury always have something to do with money? Isn't luxury more a place where you immediately feel comfortable? The Danes have a word for it: Hygge. I tested 3 unusual places to stay on the island of Funen in Denmark ... and what can I say... after a few days, my dark circles under my eyes were noticeably less deep and I was more relaxed than I had been for a long time.

The accommodations are among the most beautiful I have ever visited.

Here are my 3 tips for the 3 most unusual places to stay on Fyn/Funen in Denmark, which are not overly luxurious but totally relaxing in the middle of nature.

Naturkompagniet sunset Iceland ponies woman happy

1. Naturkompagniet - Life is a pony farm

We arrive at the golden hour.

The Bed & Breakfast Naturkompagniet looks like my childhood dream

small, nested houses in a huge garden. Lovely details everywhere, such as colorful cushions and beautiful furniture. A swing hangs under an old chestnut tree, horses graze behind it. Dogs and cats play around us. Our tent is on a small hill. We look over our terrace at the sunset and the grazing Iceland ponies. We eat our dinner on the meadow, a pony watches us. In the night I wake up to the sound of grazing horses. I feel like I'm in a fairytale world. This really is a very unusual overnight stay in Denmark.

Click on the first picture to see the photos in large format

Our little house has a super cute little kitchen with a gas stove, a plastic tub for showering and a composting toilet. Not luxury in the true sense of the word, but for me it's the most beautiful place I can imagine to be outside.

 Naturkompagniet Breakfast outdoors healthy
The breakfast the next morning is the best I have ever eaten.

There is green asparagus, freshly prepared pesto, home-baked rolls and freshly made jam. Everything from the garden. Britt concentrates on every detail in a positive sense. Everything is made with love. Nasturtiums and wild clover lie on the vegetables. Each plate looks like a work of art. The table is set with typical danish ceramics. We sit in the green for breakfast and can hardly believe our luck. In the evening we bathed in a Hot tub. The sun has set behind us and bathed the sky in a delicate purple. There are candles on the wooden barrel and we drink wine. Absolute luxury with little means.

 Naturkompagniet Breakfast healthy Fruit Vegetables

Unfortunately, the Naturkompagniet website is only in Danish. However, Brit and Kristian speak very good English. The best thing to do is call or email ( , +45 29 84 62 65 / +45 29 44 73 87).

There are three accommodation options:

Glamping tent with beds, chairs and table. In a small wooden hut there is a kitchen with gas cooker, a shower in a plastic tub and a composting toilet.

600 kr per night (max 2 persons) (80€ per night)

Studio above the barn (for 2-4 people) and small wooden cabin

both with shared toilet and shower. Price: DKK 250 per person (35€)


Breakfast: 85 kr (12€) - partly organic and with home-baked bread

Packed lunch: 50 kr (7€) - served at breakfast

Whirlpool: 550 kr (75€)

Sauna: 350 kr (45€)

What can you do here?

Besides just being happy, you can ride here! 2 hours of riding costs €70, 3 hours €90.

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2. Villa Skovly - Glamping by the sea

Villa Skovly owner Cecilia

For the next three days I stayed at Villa Skovly.

There are three glamping tents in a huge garden

and there is also a small wooden hut at the edge of the forest where I sleep the last night.

Through a gap in the bushes I can see the nearby sea from my tipi Nattergaleskjulet. The garden is beautifully laid out with various seating areas , all of which look very stylish. There is a library with old books, an old, beautifully carved desk and a comfortable sofa. The two shared bathrooms have been freshly renovated. Each tent has its own outdoor fireplace and there is also a small Buller stove in the tent. Cushions and furs ensure coziness.

The best thing about Villa Skovly is its proximity to the sea, which is only 100 m away.

A small gravel path through a cow pasture lead to the sandy beach. From here you can go hiking, kayaking or simply walk to Lundeborg for ice cream.

All three tents share two shared bathrooms. There is an outdoor kitchen with a coffee machine and pizza oven. There are private fire pits near the tents. Breakfast is included. Mountain bikes, kayaks and SUPs can be borrowed free of charge. Personally, I liked the tipi better than the cabin, which was a bit too dark for me. 1750 kr (235€) Glamping tent

Villa Skovly Denmark Accommodation Blue Hour Sea Beautiful

There are also two cheaper rooms in the house starting at 120 €.

Unfortunately , the Villa Skovly website is only in Danish. It is best to call or email ( , +45 26279927).

What can you do here?

Sit in front of the tipi on the wooden terrace and read, drink wine, admire the old oak trees in the park, hike, kayak or SUP, cycle, visit the nearby castles or collect herbs for dinner with Thomas.

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3. Rosenhoj BnB - Staying with friends

Trine and Patrick Johnson Rosenhoj BnB SVENDBORG DENMARK

Trine and Patrick Johnson, the owners of Rosenhøj, write on their website that they look after their guests like friends. And that is no exaggeration. The villa is hidden in a small garden on a hill above the harbour town of Svendborg.

As soon as I step over the threshold, I feel at home.

Patrick immediately offers me a tea and I am simply thrilled by the interior of the villa.

For years, the couple have collected antiques and lovingly arranged them in the rooms. Trine is a cook and used to work in upscale restaurants in London. Today she cooks in her own kitchen and guests can watch her. Only those staying overnight in the villa can eat here, which is highly recommended. Svendborg is an ideal starting point for visiting the offshore islands such as Ærø or Langeland.

Rosenhoj BnB offers two suites , one with sea view and one with garden view. From 1600 kr (215€). Price for 2 people for the spacious suite (sleeps up to 4 people (extra bed for adults 350 DKK and 250 DKK for children)) including breakfast.

What can you do here?

Svendborg is a lovely little town that is worth a visit. I saw a kayak renting machine at the harbor, which I think is a great idea. Besides hiking (the Øhavsstien long-distance hiking trail runs along the harbor), trips to the offshore islands, eating, sitting in the garden, chatting with Trine and Patrick, I recommend the BaggårdTeatret open-air theater.

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General information about the destination Fyn as well as accommodation, restaurants and activities also in German and English (language selection below) on the website

In Denmark, you pay with Danish kroner. One euro is equivalent to about 7.50 DKK


By train it is (normally) easy to get directly from Hamburg to Odense. If you are travelling by plane, you should fly to Copenhagen. From there you can continue by rental car or public transport. The most important transport hub on Funen is the city of Odense.


By bus

You can find the timetables for all bus lines on the Fynbus website .

With a tourist card you can travel as far as you like by bus on Funen and Langeland during your Danish holidays.

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