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Discover the Beauty of Almond Blossoms in Mallorca/Majorca: Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Finca

Updated: Jan 19

Escape the winter to experience the breathtaking almond blossom in Mallorca. Find tips for a perfect Finca stay amidst the stunning scenery.

I don't like winter, we'll never be good friends. A day or two of snow and sun is nice, but then it can be 20 degrees and spring again. So it's no wonder that I take every opportunity to escape the grey season.

Almond blossom Tramuntana Makorca

Almond trees Fornalutx

Almond blossom Majorca

Almond blossom in February

Only two hours away by plane, I can turn my spring dream into reality: from the end of January to around mid-March, Mallorca is transformed into a delicately fragrant sea of blossoms - it is the time of the almond blossom. On sunny days, it is already between 15 and 20 degrees on the island.

Just the right conditions for me and also for the buds of the famous Mallorcan almond trees, which start to open at this time of year and turn into magnificent white and pink clouds. A natural spectacle that you should not miss.

When exactly the blossoms begin depends on the region and the weather. You can assume that the almond blossom in the Tramuntana mountains starts later than in the plains in the south and east of the island. Harsh winters can also delay the flowering period.

The beauty is that the almond blossom season on Mallorca lasts several weeks, from the end of January to the beginning of March. Plenty of opportunities for an almond blossom experience.

Sheep and blossoming almond trees Mallorca

History of the almond trees on Majorca

Originally, it was the Moors who brought the almond tree to Mallorca from the Orient in the 10th century. Thus, this tree has been part of Mallorcan agriculture for centuries. Of course, this is also reflected in the island's culinary tradition: almonds are found in many typical specialities, such as the sweet Turrón or the popular almond cake Gato de Almendra. The almond liqueur Flor d'Amentella produced here also benefits from the intense and fine aroma of Mallorcan almonds.

However, almonds have only been cultivated on a large scale in Mallorca since the 19th century. The reason was a phylloxera plague that largely destroyed the island's vineyards, so that the farmers decided to switch to almond cultivation. A decision that made Mallorca one of the largest almond-growing areas in the world until the middle of the 20th century and still characterises the landscape of the Balearic island today. Today, commercial almond cultivation is declining due to falling prices, so that more and more almond groves are going wild.

almond Blossoms Mallorca

Some regions are known for their particularly picturesque flowering season. For example, you can easily take a trip from Palma to the southwest of the island and admire the abundant blossoms between Andratx, Port Andratx and S'Arraco. The route a little further north between Valldemossa and Sóller also offers unforgettable views in a varied landscape during the almond blossom season. If you are on holiday on the east coast, the region in the southeast between Santanyi and Felanitx is within easy reach, where you can also experience an abundance of magnificently blossoming almond trees in spring.


The almond blossom festival in Son Servera

Every year on the first Sunday in February, the almond blossom festival takes place in Son Servera near Manacor in the northeast of Mallorca - the "Fira Flor d'ametler".

Finca offers:

The website Fincaferien has a large selection of self-catering accommodation on all the Spanish islands.

The finca hotel Muleta de Ca S'Hereu is picturesquely situated above Port de Sóller. Double room incl breakfast from 170€.

Fincas Mallorca specialises in renting houses around the Tall of Sóller.

To be honest, the website of Mallorca Dream is rather confusing. But if you take the trouble to search, there are some really great accommodations!

In Valdemossa, Finca Valdemossa offers relatively cheap casitas from 75€.

For the first time ever in Mallorca, we stayed at the Ermita de Dalt in Estellencs. The views of the sea and Puig Galatzo are indescribable, and so Mallorca became love at first sight!

Food and drink:

The best ice cream - in my opinion - is at Fet a Sóller. Especially almond, orange and lemon with herbs taste fantastic. In Sóller you can find Fet a Sóller 2 minutes from the Plaça, opposite the market hall. In Port de Sóller, right on the seafront. Here you can also find other delicacies, which, by the way, you can also order online to Germany. Of course, you can also buy local almonds, almond oil, almond pastries and almond creams here.

The best cake is in Son Mico. The finca has been in the family for a long time. Now the sisters Isabelle and Ines Coll have furnished three flats with antiques and a café. Fantastic views over the northwest of the island. DR/F from 90 euros (Ctra de Deia, Sóller, tel. 971 63 82 24,

Shop local:

In supermarkets, local products are labelled "productos baleares". There are markets in most villages ( In Sóller, for example, there is a cooperativa where almost exclusively locally grown fruit and vegetables are sold at reasonable prices. The Balearic chain "Agromart" also focuses on regional products as much as possible.

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