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Coastal Hike Majorca/Mallorca: From Puerto Soller to Cala Tuent

Updated: Mar 14

Coastal hike Soller Cala Tuent Mallorca Sea flowers

Probably the most beautiful hike in Mallorca!

The path leads along the West coast of the island from Soller to the Cala Tuent, a beautiful beach with the high mountains of the Tramuntana as a backdrop.

Without exaggeration this is one of the best hikes on the island.

hike to cala tuent west coast mallorca tramuntana

Here you can find all the Info and GPS data you will need for the hike to the Cala Tuent.

-Factor: ♡♡♡♡♡

Starting point: Puerto Soller. Immediately after the 1st roundabout there is parking in the side streets. The bus also stops here.

Duration: 5 hours

Route: 14,5km

Difference in altitude: 650Hm. up and down.

Refreshments: Balitx d'Avall for drinks and cakes, Es Vergeret restaurant in Cala Tuent.

Note: The hike is one-way. For the way back, be sure to call ahead for the boat from Cala Tuent to Puerto (weather, season and day dependent, usually 4:45pm/20€ per person Tel:+34 971 63 01 70). An alternative is a taxi (Radio Taxi Escorca +34 608631707) approx. 70€ for up to 4 people, this comes from Puerto Soller or Lluc and must be ordered approx. 1h in advance.

I have saved the hike with GPS Data on Outdooractive.

At the bottom you will find 3 detours/variants.


At the first roundabout in Puerto Soller, we take the MA 2134 towards Sa Figuera.

The little road, which is not very busy, winds for 4 km through beautiful orange groves, past old farmhouses. At the Coll des Marques (the saddle of the tarred road), the actual hiking trail begins on the left. From now on, Cala Tuent is well signposted on wooden signs. The path now leads steeply uphill over stony steps for about 15-20 minutes. After two very prominent rock needles, the path turns to the right and leads through olive groves until we come to a hiking trail junction. Here we take the signposted path, which leads steeply and stonily upwards to the left.

Coastal hike Soller Cala Tuent Mallorca straw hat hiker view

The next 20 minutes are one of the reasons why I like this hike so much:

the path winds through ancient olive groves, sheep bells jingle and the path is lovingly laid out with old limestones.

Once on the plateau, the Balitx d'Amunt finca dominates the scenery. If we are lucky, we will see some of the beautiful horses that roam freely on the grounds of the finca. Right next to the entrance, the iking trail leads through an open gate and gives the first view into the valley. We hike through this valley to reach the coast again on the other side via the Coll de Biniamar.

The route was changed here a few years ago. As it leads across private property. Please follow the signs to avoid further closures.

The well-signposted path leads uphill to the right and then through olive groves down into the valley to Finca Balitx d'Avall.

After about 2 hours we reach the farmed finca Balitx d'Avall.

Balitx d'Avall Mallorca Finca Orange Juice

​​The ascent to the Coll de Binimar

This is the most strenuous section of the hike, the ascent to Coll de Binimar.

At first, the path is still a stony narrow path that leads steadily uphill. For the last 10 minutes we come to a wider road that winds its way up in serpentines.

In sunny weather, the ascent is very sweaty, as there is usually no breeze here :;)!

Arriving at the saddle of the Coll de Biniamar, we still don't take a break, but walk downhill through the holm oak forest for about 15 minutes until we get our first clear view of the beautiful coast.

The coast is called Sa Costera and offers picture-perfect views

From here we see the hiking trail in all its grandeur: it winds along the steep coast above the sea to the Coll de na Polla, behind which Cala Tuent is hidden. I can truly say with a clear conscience that this part of the hike is one of the most beautiful paths I have ever walked - and there are quite a few ...

Steep cliffs, pine trees clinging to the coast, turquoise water and the smell of the sea and forest

make the next hour an incredible experience with a thousand opportunities for photo stops (they are not included in the time :;)!) After about half an hour, a detour leads down to the sea on the left, signposted "Font des Verger/Sa Fabrica".

Cala Tuent Mallorca beach

I walked down once and found it super nice, but usually we are so close to the boat's return that we prefer to keep walking to still have enough time for a swim in Cala Tuent. Shortly before the saddle to Cala Tuent, there is another bit of uphill before the descent to the bay begins. From here, the path winds down through the forest for about 20 minutes to the destination of our hike. The restaurant "Es Vergeret" has a fantastic terrace with a view over the bay. I was told by Mallorcans that the food is very good, even though tour groups also dine here. So far, I've only been able to greedily eye the paella pans, as I was more tempted by the sea. But that is only one of the many reasons why I can do this hike again and again - there is always something to discover.

All I can say about the bay itself: crystal-clear water, magnificent mountains in the background, with a bit of luck a few donkeys running around on the beach (real ones, that is ...) and if you're even luckier, the nice fisherman is in his little hut at the end of the bay by the jetty and will sell you a well-deserved beer if you ask!

Since the coast is so gorgeous and I think the hike is so great, I tried three more alternatives instead of/or plus the way to Cala Tuent.

You can watch a video I made on Instagram:

Alternative 1 Lighthouse:

Shortly before the Coll de Biniamar, a gravel path turns off

gravel path to the left, which leads flat to a larger square. From here, a small trail marked by cairns leads steeply uphill to the right towards the watchtower. From here you have a great panoramic view of the unspoilt coastline.

Time for this detour - without breaks - 2h.

Option 2 Sa Costera:

The abandoned farmhouse is on the left after passing the Coll de Biniamar, above the Punta de Cala Roja. The path turns left - marked by a red dot - after a few hairpin bends after the pass. Actually, there is only one place where you can get lost. Here, at a fork marked by a cairn, you have to choose the left fork and continue descending to the lower left. In front of the house you have a beautiful view of the coast and enough space for an extended picnic.

Time for this detour - without breaks - 40 min

Option 3 Sa Fabrica:

This option is the easiest to find, as the turn-off is marked with a sign. It is located about 1/3 of the way between the Coll de Biniamar and Cala Tuent. Between thick cutting grass, the path descends steeply to the sea, where the original electricity station is located. Here you can swim in calm seas, or lie down comfortably on one of the many meadows.

Time for this detour - without breaks - 1h

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