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Discover the Spectacular Hike in Mallorca/Majorca around the Muleta Lighthouse

Updated: Jan 19

Embark on the challenging 6km hike around Mallorca's Muleta lighthouse, with stunning coastal views and challenging terrain. Here are the GPS data and information you'll need.

I hope you have a head for heights


-Factor: ♡♡♡♡

Start: Puerto Soller lighthouse/Mallorca

Length: 6 km

View over coast close to Puerto Soller Majorca Mallorca
Map hike around Muleta lighthouse Mallorca

Approximate walking time: 1:45 h

Metres in altitude: 160 up, 150 down

Demands: Difficult (There is one climbing section and some low views where you should be free from vertigo. Orientation is not always easy)

Tip: Personally, I find it easier to find your way around if you walk the tour in the suggested direction.

The tour can be super combined with other hikes.

Map: I have saved the route in Komoot. You can see it there as soon as you have registered.

Maybe it seems a bit unbelievable when I write that it is my favourite hike again …

But somehow it's not an exaggeration: all the hikes on Mallorca are my favourites. I love the mix of white rock - preferably when it's a cliff, blue sea, lush vegetation (not so much when it scratches my legs) and mountains.

Hike around the Muleta Lighthouse in Mallorca

This coastal hike around the Muleta lighthouse in Mallorca is not only particularly pretty, it is also particularly practical, because you can either walk this route as a short, beautiful circular tour; or integrate it with other walks, making it a whole day's hike.

Stoneman Hike Majorca Mallorca

The first time I walked this stretch of coast, I started in the mountain village of Fornalutx. From there, through the citrus groves to Soller to get to the small harbour town of Puerto Soller (more precisely: to the Far del Cap Gros lighthouse, which towers over the town). Then along the coastal stretch Muleta via my favourite café Son Mico (I can always eat the Lemon Meringue Pie there ... I don't really need the coffee) back to my starting point in Fornalutx. So I was on the road all day and at the end - according to my phone - I had 27km on my soles.

But back to the beginning: in this article I only want to describe the round tour around the Muleta.


It's easy to park at the Muleta lighthouse, you have a beautiful view of Puerto Soller and are greeted by lots of cats. As soon as you take the hiking path south to Deia, a small path on the right leads gently down the slope. This is the entrance to our coastal path and from this side it is clearly easier to find your way. So my first tip is to start this tour here for the first time!

Hike Sa Muleta Majorca rock formations Sea view Lighthouse Mallorca

The path is hard to miss at the beginning, it winds southwards above the coast. Follow the cairns over hill and dale - after a while they will lead you very close to the steeply sloping coast. Now comes the most beautiful part: you scramble up the mountain over rock slabs, again and again you have views of bizarre rock formations. My favourite rock looks - to me - like a parrot. Once you reach the top, you have a fantastic panorama of the whole coastline south to Banyalbufar.

My favourite place:

The rocks here have created something like a natural shelter. Like an open shell, the stone protects you from the sun and/or wind. Those who have thought of picnic food should take a break here. For me, the view is at its best at this point far above the sea!

After the rock shell, the most difficult parts in terms of orientation and the greatest challenge in terms of hiking technique come one after the other.
Hike from Puerto Soller orientation Muleta

For orientation: Directly from the rock shell, you can see a grass strip far above the cliffs on the other side. This is the destination. To get there, first descend into the valley, but then follow the cairns to the left away from the coast. After about 200 metres, the path climbs up to the cliffs and high trees on the right. This is also the only scramble section where you have to use your hands and feet to climb high up on the cliffs.

As soon as you have mastered this key section, the path follows the coastline again ... however, it meanders a little inland every now and then to come out on the cliffs again.

You have to leave the coastline for good when you see some antennas (or electricity pylons): these are your intermediate destination and a pretty good orientation point. Because the terrain here is a bit confusing, with several paths leading back and forth between the boulders. But as long as you have the goal in mind, it doesn't really matter which one you follow.

Hike around Puerto Soller Muleta Lighthouse orientation

As soon as you reach the first houses and the tarred road, the adventure and the coastal view are over. The "normal" - but quite pretty - way back to the Muleta, or to Deia, or to Soller, or wherever else you want to go, follows. The tarred road leads further away from the coast, just keep to the left at every junction, then you will automatically come to the well-marked GR221 between Deia and Soller.

If you still fancy the cake described earlier, walk for about 15 minutes towards Deia until you reach the café at Son Mico. If you want to go straight back to the lighthouse and the starting point, follow the signs to Puerto Soller/Muleta.

Delicious cake at the Café Son Mico

And did you enjoy it?

Lemon meringue pie Majorca Café Son Mico Mallorca
Best cake ever at Café Son Mico

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