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Hike to Burstall Pass/Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Canada

Updated: 4 days ago

Hardly any tourists know about Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Canada. On the leisurely hike to Burstall Pass you hardly meet any other hikers.

Hike to Burstall Pass/Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Canada

The few hikers we meet here are Canadians who came to the mountains from Calgary for the weekend.

In June it is spring here – we walk through flower meadows covered with red Castilleja, purple asters and white anemones.

Flower meadows, snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes - Canada like in a picture book

Above us, the snow on the mountains glistens in the sun. The hike to Burstall Pass in the unknown Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Canada is comfortable. The pass marks the border between the Canadian Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and the famous Banff National Park . In the valley we see Lake Leman and further up the mountain of the same name. We would love to keep hiking... but then we would have had to book a backcountry campsite beforehand. Something is happening at the edge of the forest: a black bear is crossing the mountain. It's a good thing we have bear spray with us.

Key Facts about the hike to Burstall Pass/Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Canada

-Factor: ♡♡♡♡

Walking time : 5:30 h

Altitude : 512 m up and down

Length : 16.3 km

Accessible by public transport? No

Directions: Access is via gravel road 742 from Canmore.

GPS data: I have uploaded the GPS data for the hike to the Outdoor Active website

Starting point: Burstall Pass Parking on the 742

Safety note: Canada is a bear country. In my blog post " Safe hiking and camping in bear country Canada " you will find tips on how to avoid the bear and how to behave if you do encounter him.

Equipment: For this hike I recommend trail running shoes or light hiking boots. Hiking poles and trekking sandals (if you don't want your hiking boots to get wet) are helpful for crossing the rivers. Rain gear is always a good idea in Canada. Bear spray is a must.

More info and links: A Conservation Pass is required to park in provincial parks and public use areas in the Kananaskis Country and Bow Valley region. There are two ways to purchase a pass; a day pass and an annual pass. Only one pass is required per vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers.

For more information about the pass and how to purchase it, visit the Kananaskis Conservation Pass website .

My tip: Walk a little further at the pass to look down on Lake Geneva.


The Burstall Pass Trail starts on a wide, gently sloping former timber cellar road and passes the Burstall Lakes. After the lakes, the trail narrows and leads across a meadow with several stream crossings. It then continues through the forest up a slope to the lookout point on the pass.

The trail is well marked with green signs depicting a hiker and a red/orange marker above the sign indicating the direction after a junction. As the trail crosses several streams, sandals or waterproof shoes are recommended for the stream crossings in June and July.

We advise against hiking in March, April and May as there is snow until June. The path along the lakes leads through terrain at risk of avalanches.

Click on the first picture to start the photo gallery.


All information on the Parks Canada website is available in English and French.

In my blog post: Plan your adventure in Canada: Tips on reservations, camping and packing list you will find all the information on how to best reserve campsites and what you should definitely take with you.


There are several scheduled flights from Germany to Vancouver or Calgary every day. An electronic travel document (eTa) is required to enter Canada.

The easiest way to continue your journey is by rental car, e.g. via

Mount Engadine Lodge Canada Rocky Mountains


The best time to hike in the Rocky Mountains is from early July to September. Depending on the altitude, however, you can expect snow even in summer.


Canadian Rocky Mountains by Rother Verlag, edition 2023


The rustic Mount Engadine Lodge is located very close to the hike . It offers afternoon tea and overnight stays.


If you would like a detailed hiking map in addition to the Parks Canada maps, you can order a waterproof and tear-resistant hiking map for the region from Gem Trek or buy one locally.

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